An accommodating and professional RV sale service

Do you wish to sell your recreational vehicle that doesn’t meet your needs or the needs of your family anymore? Or you might want to just change for a more recent or differently designed RV. Whatever your motivation, in any season, you can count on VR Expert, the RV sales professionals on the South Shore and in the greater Montreal area.

In many ways, the sale of a recreational vehicle is similar to the sale of a car or home, in the sense that a fast sale often allows obtaining the best price. A RV parked in your backyard for months while being for sale could lead to its depreciation or even to various problems such as water ingress, if not stored properly during winter. To maximize your chances of making a fast and trouble-free sale, we strongly recommend that you choose an accommodating and professional RV sale service, just like the one we have been providing for over 23 years now at VR Expert in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu.

For a fast and trouble-free sale

We are located on Route 104, near highways 30 and 35, in a high-traffic location offering exceptional visibility to your recreational vehicle. In addition, our courtyard of 150,000 square feet is the best possible advertisement and an obvious attraction for all those who wish to purchase a pre-owned RV in superb condition.

Our competent RV representation services guarantee you a turn-key sale:

  • Road transport services covering Eastern Canada and United-States
  • Appraisal and inspection carried out by certified and accredited technicians
  • Reconditioning of your RV, if required
  • Complete wash, wax and engine shampoo
  • Display of your vehicle showcased on our website and other recognized classified sites
  • Visits, demonstrations and test drives (for motorhomes) with potential buyers
  • Extended warranties and financing services offered to future buyers

95% of all vehicles in our courtyard sell in less than 60 days!

Opt for an accelerated and simplified sale of your recreational vehicle by contacting our specialists today at 1 888 349-0660.