What is Brokerage?

RV Brokerage Specialist

V.R.EXPERT only sells used RVs in brokerage, not new ones. We believe we can better serve the seller and buyer of RV by focusing solely on brokerage RVs. To learn more about why you should use our Brokerage Specialist services.

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Free Estimates

The price charged for your brokerage unit is essential, as you get the best price for your vehicle. We use the prices of previously sold units, Blue Books, Nada Guides and experienced appraisers. Thus, we are assured that the price of your vehicle is at your best advantage. Take advantage of our free evaluation when you register.

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We May Already Have A Buyer For Your Unit

Chances are V.R.EXPERT already has a buyer in their sights for your vehicle… and we know how to interest him in the purchase! Over 10,000 shoppers actively receive key information regarding your unit via email and over 15,500 shoppers have access to email updates. This is in addition to the 650,000+ visitors per month who visit our website. Many times, a quick sale comes to an end!

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Extended Advertising

Our extended advertising program allows you to rapidly sell your VR at the best price. Learn more.

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We will work with potential buyers to help them find financing at their advantage. This action can make a huge difference in sales as cash buyers are very difficult to find in the current market.

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Extended Warranties

(Service Agreements)

Expected service agreements are proposed by V.R.EXPERT on many subsequent models. Some customers hesitate to buy a used unit without any warranty. Be aware that our extended warranties provide buyers with peace of mind and are another reason why it is best to purchase a vehicle through brokerage with V.R.EXPERT.

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Professional Aesthetics Service

A neat and clean recreational vehicle will sell faster and receive better price offers than a neglected one. Learn more about V.R.EXPERT’s professional aesthetics service. See how investing in your unit’s appearance can increase its selling price.

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Experienced Staff

RV pricing, advertising, marketing, details, financing, extended service agreements and trouble-free closures are all made possible by our experienced sales staff.

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No Fees Until Sale

There is no registration fee or monthly fee when you register with V.R.EXPERT.

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How to Put Your Vehicle on Sale

Please carefully each step on how to evaluate and sell your unit with V.R.EXPERT. Join the 20,000 customers who have benefited from this proven sales system.

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Free RV Reviews

V.R.EXPERT FREE REVIEWS will help you get the best price!

A proper pricing of your motorhome can mean hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars in your pockets.

If the price of your RV is too low, you could lose incalculable dollars; whereas it could become “stale or burnt” in sales jargon if it was too expensive.

V.R.EXPERT’s useful expertise in VR marketing can help you determine the best price for your vehicle and, by the same token, prevent you from making common under-pricing and over-pricing mistakes.

Because V.R.EXPERT has sold more than 20,000 RVs since they opened in 1995, our appraisers have a wealth of information to help you set a fair price for your RV.

After consultation with our appraiser, you will make the final decision on the price at which your vehicle is listed.V.R.EXPERT reserves the right not to list a vehicle whose price is unrealistic.

Please call today to book an appointment with one of our RV reviewers. 1 888 349-0660


Let V.R.EXPERT handle the sale of your RV quickly and at the best possible price!

Want to sell your VR? Let our experts do the work for you! Why? Because we are the largest brokerage RV dealer in Canada and have a proven track record in this area since 1995.

You can reach more than 20,000 satisfied owners (and more than 600 in the last two years alone), who have trusted V.R.EXPERT to sell their RV.

Read below to see what we’re doing to get your RV sold quickly and at a fair price.

Brokerage Presentation

V.R.EXPERT has been THE VR Brokerage Specialist since 1995.

More than 20,000 recreational vehicles sold by V.R.EXPERT since 1995!

Since 1995, V.R.EXPERT has helped more than 20,000 people like you sell their RV quickly and most importantly, at a fair price.

V.R.EXPERT sells more than 400 RVs in brokerage each year.

V.R.EXPERT finds buyers for your RV and it finds them fast!

No competition from new RV sales

V.R.EXPERT only sells used RV, unlike a dealer who sells both brokered and new RVs. We are not tempted to convince buyers to buy a new RV instead of your RV. We can only stay in business by doing an exceptional job selling your RV through brokerage.

Advertising Marketing

V.R.EXPERT’s extensive VR advertising program will definitely attract serious buyers for your VR.

Buyers, buyers… and more RV buyers!

V.R.EXPERT advertises and markets your RV properly, in order to find qualified buyers who wish to purchase your used RV… We guarantee you a quick sale at a good price.

V.R.EXPERT pays for all advertisements, whether your RV is sold or not.

Our advertising includes:

  • Continuous announcement in V.R.HEBDO of all V.R. in brokerage
  • Targeted web advertising to sell your V.R.
  • Participation in RV shows
  • Facebook Marketplace and shopping all year round
  • Google ad placement year-round
  • Year-round ads like these provide additional RV buyers
  • Yellow Pages
  • Many directories of campgrounds

In constant evolution since 1995, our website is very popular with everyone and quickly becomes an important source of VR buyers.

Potential buyers can register directly on the V.R.EXPERT website or simply by calling us, so they make sure to receive weekly emails with all the information on the broker VRs currently for sale. They will have access to large interior and exterior color images, floor plans, descriptions and prices of used RVs currently on sale at our huge RV brokerage center. Available vehicles are updated daily.

We also publish photos and information about RVs for sale on many other popular websites, in addition to our own website.

Currently, more than 650,000 visitors per month view used RVs for sale on our website… and the number of visitors is growing rapidly!

Weekly free emails to prospective buyers

Potential buyers can register on the V.R.EXPERT website or by contacting us at our office to receive our weekly emails highlighting our new arrivals on our extensive brokerage RV site.

  • Vehicles with recent price changes
  • RV for sale featured
  • Sales and promotional events at V.R.EXPERT

Every day, new RV enthusiasts subscribe to our PREMIUM PROGRAM.

Free weekly mailings will help you sell your RV quickly!

Every week, hundreds of potential buyers will receive via email detailed information about your vehicle.

This information will include the price, a detailed description, the floor plan and the general condition of your vehicle.

Over the years, buyers have learned to trust V.R.EXPERT’s information and ratings.

In fact, many will look at the vehicles listed with V.R.EXPERT.

Buyers rely on V.R.EXPERT to save them time and avoid frustration from missed appointments or V.R. on or underrated.

Our annual advertising budget of over $200,000 allows us to position your recreational investment in the market. Can you?

Easy steps to sell your RV with V.R.EXPERT.

Call toll-free at 1 888 349-0660 today and book an appointment for a free evaluation of your recreational vehicle. This will allow V.R.EXPERT to quickly get to work to find a qualified buyer for your motorhome, caravan or fifth wheel caravan.

Our RV evaluators are on site Monday to Saturday. The RV assessment and registration process takes approximately one hour. We strongly encourage you to call and make an appointment so that we can better serve you, without you having to wait and waste precious time.

Please bring the following documents with you:

  • Original recording
  • Link information (lender name, account number, phone number)
  • Proof of PV insurance
  • Driver’s license
  • Extended warranty documents if you have an extended warranty on your RV

In addition, you should:

  • Empty all holding tanks and water tanks in your RV.
  • Remove all dishes, cleaning supplies and personal items from the RV.
  • Fill the fuel tank of your camper (minimum of 30 or gallons or 1/3 of the tank). This will allow us to start the engine and generator regularly to help keep it in good condition.
  • Have enough propane so we can show the buyer that the stove, oven, refrigerator and water heater are all working.

Commission rate

There is no charge unless we sell your RV. There are no storage charges that will be charged to you during the term of the brokerage contract. We require 90 days to properly market and advertise your RV to our potential new and existing buyers.

We look forward to working with you on selling your RV!